Divewear Technology


  • MetaLite Material

    A smooth metallic colored coating that "reflects" heat back into the neoprene. This allows for excellent heat retention and dries the neoprene & your body faster out of water.
  • Thermowall Material

    Heat insulating interior that retains more body heat than standard neoprene. Keeps you warm and feels great.
  • Quick Dry Material

    Both our MetaLite and Titanium coated neoprene plus our Thermowall fabric has quick drying and heat retention attributes. The MetaLite/Titanium coated neoprene prevents water absorption and essentially “reflects” heat back onto the body. The Thermowall fabric also prevents most water absorption and creates fleece type warmth within the wetsuit.
  • Environmentally Friendly

    These products use recycled materials that ensure we do our part to conserve our Earth's resources.
  • Super Stretch Fabric

    The Super Stretch Fabric provides 250% more stretch than the standard neoprene. This durable material molds to the body, providing an excellent fit. The closed cell technology also allows the neoprene to last without thinning out like other high stretching neoprene fabric.
  • Supreme Stretch Fabric

    Highest performance stretch material. 10% lighter than standard neoprene and takes on less water while providing maximum stretch and performance.
  • Titanium Coating

    Titanium lined neoprene is coated with a super thin film of Titanium Alloy. This dramatically increases the heat insulation and heat retaining properties of neoprene. It works by retaining more body heat within the suit, and providing a more effective barrier between the cold outside water and air temperatures.
  • UV Flex Material

    Provides excellent protection against Ultraviolet rays while maintaining original fabric stretch range.

  • Double Bond Stitch

    Double glued blindstitched seams. Sewn with a two-thread stitch that ties itself off if the stitch is broken.
  • FlatStitch

    Stitch construction that prevents rashes and is more comfortable than conventional overlock.

  • Metal YKK Zipper

    With the various types of wetsuit and boots Tilos offers, one thing remains a constant: the metal YKK zipper. The persistent metal YKK zipper is anti-rust and is sure to last whether on your first dive out, or your last.
  • Prebent Tatex

    Integrated Tatex Kneepads are engineered for high strength and protection. They are also pre-bent to the knee’s natural curvature, offering maximum comfort without restricting the movement of the knee.
  • DuraFlex

    Exclusive stretch kneepad that provides great performance and durability.
  • EZ Entry

    An additional wrist and/or ankle zip keeps water out and enhances suit flexibility.
  • Zipper Pull

    A long piece of polyester that is attached to the zipper head. Allows the diver to become self sufficient when donning and doffing a wetsuit.
  • Back Key Pocket

    Additional small pocket located inside the back of the wetsuit.
  • Shoulder Screen

    Ink screened on shoulders provides a better grip for backpacks and BCDs.
  • Water Barrier Ring Seal

    Ring Seal binds wrists and/or ankles comfortably to effectively seal off water entry.
  • Water Barrier Skin Seal

    The combined action of the internal neoprene o-ring with the skin seal creates a water double barrier. The two technologies together minimize water flow throughout the suit.
  • Velcro Lock

    Velcro locks the zipper pull in place, preventing the zipper pull to fly erratically in the water. Glove: Allows ease of entry when wearing your glove.
  • Xtra Dry Zipper Seal

    Interior zipper panel designed to maximize warmth by preventing water flow.
  • Hood Vent

    Allows for easy escape for any trapped air within the hood while underwater.
  • UV Protection

    Provides excellent protection against Ultraviolet rays.
  • Diuturnal Palm

    100% Tear resistant.
  • Drain Water

    Warm water boots are equipped with vented side panels. This drains water while on hard surfaces, preventing cold feet from occurring while waiting for your next dive.
  • Grip Screen

    Ink screened on palms provides a better grip.
  • Punch Proof Sole

    Vulcanized sole with an extra layer of padding protection against jagged surfaces.
  • Rubber Toe Guard

    Protective shell covering the tip of the boot shields the toe from impact.
  • Strap Lock

    These boots are specially designed to have the fin strap securely lock in place without slipping off.
  • Vulcanized Sole

    Durable, reinforced, vulcanized rubber lined with neoprene for added comfort, featuring a 4mm anti-slip sole.
  • Junior

    Designed specifically for juniors & kids in mind.