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The saga unfolds in Yilan, a serene haven nestled along the Eastern Coast of Taiwan. Encircled by majestic mountains to the East and the vast Pacific Ocean to the West, this secluded enclave has long been a sought-after retreat for those yearning to escape the relentless hustle and bustle of city life. From these modest origins, Yilan evolved into the global epicenter of water sports apparel. It was here that Michael and Anne Lai embarked on their journey, ultimately becoming esteemed authorities in their domain, boasting over two decades of collaboration with renowned international brands. Armed with this wealth of expertise, they resolved to channel their knowledge into Tilos in 1991. The launch of the pioneering wheel bag, specifically designed for the diving community, catapulted Tilos to the pinnacle of the industry. The firm's unwavering commitment to innovation culminated in the groundbreaking release of the 9lbs (4kg) Eclipse Wheel Bag, the industry's inaugural compactable wheel bag, and the 5lbs (2.3kg) Total Eclipse Wheel Bag, outfitted with adjustable Velcro handles. The Lais' mastery of neoprene design has garnered accolades from prestigious industry publications worldwide. Tilos remains steadfast in its dedication to excellence and innovation, utilizing only the most superior materials in the fabrication of its merchandise. Over three decades, the company has broadened its offerings to encompass over 350 products and has forged distribution networks in over 14 nations spanning four continents. Tilos derives its inspiration from the fervor, ingenuity, and distinctiveness of individuals, approaching diving with the same philosophy as life - embracing the conviction that there is always room for growth, design, experience, and inspiration.

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