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James Fitzgerald February 27, 2020
I dive in New England waters where the water temperature always hovers in the 47-50 degree range in the middle of summer when you’re 60′ deep. After two dives I was very comfortable, definitely a significant step up from the standard one or two piece 7mm wetsuits. The 4″ seals on the wrists and ankles, face seals and the dry suit zipper dramatically reduced water infiltration.
I tried two other semi-dry suits, one with a detached hood and the other with 1″ ankle and wrist seals. Both Semi-drys allowed significantly more water infiltration.
Charles Lagerbom February 27, 2020
I dive off Maine and use this suit most of the year. Pretty rugged. Keeps me wicked warm and fits right. I like the zipper being on the front across the chest. Price was right as well.
Manuel February 27, 2020
Perfect 5mm Semidry.
The Neopren is super strechy and keep me warm, also in Lakes if you have 13 degree for a short time.
The Suite is easy to put on with the special inner structure or coating.
Ryan February 27, 2020
This is easily my favorite suit. It keeps you warm in the cold quarries. The zippered ankle and wrist makes putting the suit on a breeze.
Dan February 27, 2020
I use the suit for 30 dives at this point. The water temperature is at the bottom 48-50F (9-10C) at 21 to 30 m (70 to 100) If you go under 21 m, it’s not a bad idea to add a 3mm vest because at the zipper there is just a thinner single layer of neoprene (2mm). By adding the 3mm vest that suit start to shine. At no point above 70 feet was the cold a problem. Below 70 feet you can feel it, but that was tolerable on a single tank. You will need more weight then a wetsuit but less then a drysuit since some air is trap (torso) unless you let the water getting in. I never unsuited between dives. I will recommended this suit in late spring to late fall here in Vancouver BC. Longevity after two years is very good.
Tyler Ariniello February 27, 2020
I am blown away at how well this product works. I HIGHLY recommend this wetsuit.

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