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How can I tell my product is under warranty?

Your warranty begins from the date of purchase. Warranty details can be reviewed here.

Why is it important to register my products?

All TILOS products come with a warranty period. Registration is the best way to establish original ownership and ensure quick and easy repairs and service.

How do I register my purchases?

You can register directly on this website by accessing the Product Registration page.

What is the best way to determine equipment size and fit?

TILOS provides wetsuit, boot, glove, hood and rash guard size chart on this website to assist with getting the proper fit. Due to body shape variations, it is recommended that the item be tried on at your local Authorized Dealer before making your final purchase.

How do I get technical assistance on the products I have?

Contact your local Authorized Dealer. There you will find trained technicians who can provide expert assistance on your products.

My TILOS product product is faulty. How do I get it repaired?

If you placed the order through an Authorized Tilos Dealer, please contact them directly. If you placed your order through, please contact us at

Care & Maintenance

Where should I store my TILOS product when not in use?

TILOS believes that equipment needs to be stored in a clean, dry and climate controlled environment. Failure to control the heat and cold during storage will greatly shorten the lifespan of the equipment.
Wetsuits should be stored on a thick hanger utilizing a garment type bag to protect from dust and light. Storing gear in a dive bag is only recommended for short periods like when traveling or going to and from the dive site.


What masks are best for smaller faces?

TILOS offers several masks to accommodate small or narrow faces. The Panoramic JrSeer JrCosmos Jr and Cyclops II Jr  or anything on our kids collection page.

What mask would you recommend for larger faces?

TILOS recommends trying any Frameless mask, as well as the Titanica and Versa Mask.

Can I add optical lenses to any TILOS mask?

Not all masks can accommodate optical lenses. However, TILOS does offer a number of dual lens masks that can be fitted with optical lenses. These include the UniversalUniversal+ and Fantasia masks. Optical lenses are sold separately.

Does TILOS carry any masks with a purge?

TILOS Single Lens Panoramic Purge, Panoramic SG Purge and Cosmos Jr comes equipped with a purge, available in several colors.

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