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1mm Thermoflare Hood

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Design Insights

Are you ready to take your cold-water diving game to the next level? Look no further than the amazing 1mm Thermoflare Hood! This top-of-the-line piece of gear is an absolute must-have for anyone who's serious about staying warm and comfortable in even the chilliest of water conditions. Featuring a stylish and practical skull-cap design, the Thermoflare lining provides unparalleled thermal protection without the constricting feel of a thicker hood. And with its smoothskin bib, you can easily and neatly fit the hood into your wetsuit for a water-tight seal that will keep cold water from seeping in.


  • Stylish and practical skull-cap design
  • Unbeatable thermal protection with 1mm Thermoflare lining
  • Smoothskin bib for easy integration with wetsuit
  • Water-tight seal to keep cold water out

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