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1mm Titanium Neoprene Beanie

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Size: Small

Design Insights

Get ready to take your warm water diving game to the next level with the incredible Tilos 1mm Metalite Beanie! This amazing beanie is a must-have for any serious diver who wants to stay warm and comfortable in even the chilliest of water conditions. Featuring a stylish and practical skull-cap design, the Metalite Coating provides unbeatable thermal protection without the constricting feel of a full hood. And with its anatomical shape and multi-adjustable neck cinch, you can enjoy a precise fit that's tailored to your individual needs. But that's not all - this beanie also helps to protect your hair from tangling with silicone straps, ensuring that you can focus on your diving without any distractions. And the best part? This versatile beanie can also be used for other water activities like swimming, kayaking, or water aerobics! So whether you're diving into the depths or splashing around at the surface, the Titanium Chin Strap Beanie has got you covered.


  • Provides unbeatable thermal protection in chilly water conditions
  • Stylish and practical skull-cap design with Metalite Coating
  • Anatomical shape and multi-adjustable neck cinch for a perfect fit
  • Silicone straps protect hair from tangling, allowing divers to focus on diving
  • Versatile beanie can be used for swimming, kayaking, or water aerobics

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