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5mm Rubber Toe Cap and Heel Trufit Boot

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Size: Mens 5 / Womens 6

Design Insights

Introducing the TruFit boots - the perfect addition to your diving gear! These boots are designed to provide ultimate comfort and support to enhance your diving experience.

The TruFit boots have a lower volume over the instep which reduces excess water in the boots, making them warmer and easier to get in and out of your fins.

The TruFit sole comes with built-in arch support and a heel cup to keep your feet in a natural position which applies more power to your kicks and provides comfort when you're on land. The heel cup also supports the natural padding in your heel to absorb shock when walking.

The asymmetrical toe box is shaped like the outline of your toes, reducing dead space around the toes for a perfect fit.

Plus, this boot features foxing on the soles for more stability, and an extended height to provide extra warmth.


  • Introducing the TruFit boots - designed for ultimate comfort and support during diving
  • Lower volume over instep reduces excess water in boots for warmth and ease of use with fins
  • TruFit sole with built-in arch support and heel cup for natural foot positioning and power in kicks
  • Heel cup also supports natural padding in heel to absorb shock while walking
  • Asymmetrical toe box shaped like toes for a perfect fit and reduced dead space
  • Foxing on soles for added stability and extended height for extra warmth

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