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AquaStalk Mask

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Color: Blue Camo
Blue Camo
AquaStalk Mask
Green Camo
AquaStalk Mask
Black Camo
AquaStalk Mask
Black Silicone
AquaStalk Mask
Black Silicone Green
AquaStalk Mask
Opaque Blue
AquaStalk Mask
AquaStalk Mask

Design Insights

Get ready for an amazing diving experience with the latest Aquastalk mask! It features a unique design that blends perfectly with the environment, making you feel like you're part of the underwater world. The lenses are brought in close to your eyes, providing you with maximum peripheral vision that's perfect for exploring the depths. The matte finish of the silicone skirt helps prevent any light reflection, giving you a clear view at all times. The quick-release buckles have been crafted for hassle-free removal of the mask after dives. They are also positioned directly on the skirt, keeping weight and drag to a minimum. The low volume prolongs the need for equalization and allows easy clearing, ensuring a comfortable diving experience. Plus, it comes with a mask storage box for safekeeping. Get ready to experience diving like never before with the Aquastalk collection!


  • Unique design blends seamlessly with the underwater environment
  • Close-fitting lenses provide maximum peripheral vision
  • Matte finish silicone skirt prevents light reflection for clear visibility
  • Quick-release buckles for hassle-free mask removal after dives
  • Low volume design reduces equalization needs and enables easy clearing

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