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Ari Dry Snorkel

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Color: Black
Ari Dry Snorkel
Ari Dry Snorkel
Ari Dry Snorkel
Ari Dry Snorkel
Transparent Blue
Ari Dry Snorkel
Ari Dry Snorkel
Ari Dry Snorkel
Metallic Blue
Ari Dry Snorkel

Design Insights

The Ari Dry snorkel enhances user confidence, enabling them to concentrate on the underwater reef experience. Employing cutting-edge dry-top technology featuring a compact valve, it automatically seals shut, effectively preventing water entry from any snorkel angle. With its sleek and minimalistic design, the Ari Dry is both lightweight and compact, making it an ideal choice for convenient storage in your travel pack.


  • The Tilos Ari Dry is the ideal dry snorkel to enjoy snorkeling and/or surface dives.
  • It incorporates a buoyancy-controlled mechanism that promptly seals to prevent water from entering into the snorkel, whether accidentally or purposely submerged.
  • The purge valve ensures that water won't interfere with your breathing or cause annoying gurgling noises. Blow out to clear excess water from the snorkel.
  • High-quality silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and durable.
  • Minimal, slim design that is lightweight and easy to use
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