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Excel Mask

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Color: White Silicone
White Silicone
Excel Mask
Black Silicone
Excel Mask

Design Insights

The Excel Frameless mask is a must-have for scuba divers and free divers who want a crystal clear underwater view. Its oversized face plate offers an unmatched field of view, while its low volume design makes clearing a breeze for scuba divers and equalizing a snap for free divers. To top it off, this mask is crafted from ultra-soft silicone that molds to your face for unbeatable comfort. Get ready to dive in and explore with the Excel Frameless mask!


  • Experience a wider field of view with the Tilos Excel's frameless construction, allowing for an unobstructed panoramic underwater perspective.
  • Crafted with a single, crystal-clear tempered glass lens, this mask offers enhanced clarity and reduced visual distortion, perfect for both snorkeling and diving adventures.
  • Made with premium quality, hypoallergenic silicone, the mask comfortably seals to your face, preventing water intrusion while ensuring a snug fit for all face shapes.
  • The intuitive strap adjustments allow for quick and hassle-free customization, ensuring a secure fit every time, even while wearing gloves.
  • Ideal for free-divers and scuba divers alike, the mask's low volume design ensures easier equalization and reduced drag, making your underwater experience more enjoyable.

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