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Forager Open Heel Fin

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Size: Small
Color: Black
Forager Open Heel Fin
Forager Open Heel Fin
Forager Open Heel Fin
Forager Open Heel Fin

Design Insights

Dive into superior underwater performance with the Forager Fins. Their unique blade design incorporates super channels, ensuring efficient water flow during both upstroke and downstroke, leading to maximized propulsion with reduced water spillage along the side ribs. The connection of the blade to a mid-foot pocket alleviates stress on the toes and ankles, facilitating the use of your entire foot for more powerful strokes.

These fins stand out with their practical Stretch Straps, complete with large finger loops and quick-release buckles, offering a comfortable, secure fit that's also easy to adjust. The design is enhanced by raised ribs on the footplate to prevent suction, aiding in effortless fin removal.

Crafted from an exclusive composite and thermoplastic rubber blend, the Forager Fins are engineered for comfort and elevated performance. A budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on quality, this model is popular among professionals for its efficient propulsion. The flexible center channel and choice materials in the blade support a forceful push, and the arched profile with twin central ribs utilizes a 'spoon effect,' channeling water to boost stability and enhance the power of each kick. Dive with confidence, knowing that every detail is designed to provide an exceptional underwater experience.


  • Efficient Water Channeling: Super channels and a unique blade design on both the upstroke and downstroke for maximized thrust and minimized spillage.
  • Optimized Foot Comfort: Mid-foot pocket placement prevents overextension, channeling full-foot power into each stroke with ease.
  • Convenient Stretch Straps: Equipped with finger loops and quick-release buckles for a secure and easily adjustable fit.
  • Hassle-Free Removal: Features raised ribs on the footplate to negate suction, allowing for simple and quick fin removal.
  • Superior Material Blend: A fusion of composite and thermoplastic rubber ensures the perfect balance of comfort and performance, favored by diving professionals for its smooth and powerful propulsion.

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