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Forager Open Heel Fin

Regular price $155.95
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Size: Small
Color: Black
Forager Open Heel Fin
Forager Open Heel Fin
Forager Open Heel Fin
Forager Open Heel Fin

Design Insights

The Forager Fins are a work of engineering mastery, designed for versatility and unmatched performance. With a lightweight yet durable construction, you'll enjoy enhanced mobility and longevity underwater. The channel thrust technology provides improved propulsion and control, making these fins the choice of the most skilled of divers. The unique blade design enhances speed and power with each kick, making swimming and diving effortless. Available in multiple sizes, the Forager Fins offer a custom fit for each individual and are easy to transport and store, making them the perfect choice for traveling divers. Suitable for all levels, from beginner to experienced, the Forager Fins provide a versatile solution for all divers.


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