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JX2 Snorkel

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Color: Yellow
JX2 Snorkel
JX2 Snorkel
JX2 Snorkel
Black Silicone
JX2 Snorkel

Design Insights

Get ready for the ultimate snorkeling experience with the incredible JX2 and JX2 Flex snorkels! These standard snorkels are designed with a swivel mouthpiece and soft silicone mouthpieces that provide the ultimate in comfort and ease of use. So don't wait - upgrade your snorkeling gear today with the amazing JX2 and JX2 Flex snorkels, and experience the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and reliabi


  • Experience the ultimate snorkeling with JX2 and JX2 Flex snorkels
  • Swivel mouthpiece and soft silicone mouthpieces for comfort and ease of use
  • JX2 Flex features a foldable tube design for easy stowage in BCD or drysuit pocket as a backup snorkel
  • Reliable backup snorkel on hand at all times for confident and convenient snorkeling

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