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Kids Dry Snorkel

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Color: Yellow
Kids Dry Snorkel
Kids Dry Snorkel

Design Insights

Get ready for a snorkeling experience like no other with the Totally Dry Jr snorkel! This snorkel is specifically designed to keep your little ones' breathing completely dry, so they can explore the underwater world without any interruptions. And if any water does manage to make its way into the snorkel, the bottom purge makes clearing it a breeze. But that's not all - the PVC mouthpiece can even be upgraded to an optional soft silicone mouthpiece, ensuring maximum comfort and ease of use. So why settle for a subpar snorkeling experience? Upgrade to the Totally Dry Jr snorkel today and get ready to discover a whole new world of underwater excitement!


  • Opt for excellence for your little ones, crafted for quality and thoughtfully designed with features to delight any diving enthusiast.
  • Designed with an advanced float mechanism, this snorkel expertly seals shut the moment it's submerged, ensuring no water can enter, whether you dive in intentionally or by accident.
  • This snorkel is engineered with a convenient water collection reservoir at the tube's end, paired with an effortless purge valve that allows for simple, easy blowing to expel water quickly and without strain.
  • Wide elliptical bore design that boosts airflow capacity. For quick clearing, the efficient purge valve allows for immediate expulsion of water.
  • The snorkel includes a child-sized soft PVC mouthpiece to ensure maximum comfort for young snorkelers.

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