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Kids Jovie Open Heel Snorkeling Fin

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Size: S/M
Color: Red/ Silver
Red/ Silver
Kids Jovie Open Heel Snorkeling Fin
Pink/ Aqua
Kids Jovie Open Heel Snorkeling Fin
Green/ White
Kids Jovie Open Heel Snorkeling Fin
Blue/ Yellow
Kids Jovie Open Heel Snorkeling Fin

Design Insights

Delight in the ease and adjustability of our kid-friendly Jovie open-heel fins, perfect for the aquatic little adventurer in your life! Specifically crafted to accommodate growing feet, these fins are ideal for children aged 4 to 12 years. They feature a composite design with dual vented blades, which ensure both a powerful kick and energy efficiency, making swimming not only easier but also more enjoyable.

Our Jovie fins come equipped with adjustable straps that include a large thumb loop, simplifying the process of slipping them on and off—ideal for young swimmers. The compact size of these fins makes them an excellent travel companion, whether heading to the pool or on family vacations by the sea.

Not only are they practical, but they also boast a fun and attractive design that children are sure to love. Propel your little one's underwater experiences with these delightful fins—they're a surefire way to make their swimming adventures both comfortable and exciting!


  • Adjustable Open-Heel Design: Ideal for children aged 4 to 12 years, these fins grow with your child, offering a comfortable fit through all stages of their development.
  • Dual Vented Blades: Our fins feature dual vented blades that optimize power and energy efficiency, making swimming effortless and fun for young aquatic enthusiasts.
  • Easy Donning and Doffing: Equipped with adjustable straps and a large thumb loop, these fins are designed for quick and easy handling, allowing for a hassle-free experience for kids and parents.
  • Travel-Friendly Size: Compact and lightweight, these fins are easy to pack and perfect for family trips to the pool or beach, ensuring your child's swimming adventures can happen anywhere.
  • Exciting Design: A fun and eye-catching look captures the interest of children and encourages a love for swimming, turning every paddle into an enjoyable adventure.

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