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Saber Open Heel Fin

Regular price $155.95
Regular price Sale price $155.95
Size: X-Small
Color: Red
Saber Open Heel Fin
Saber Open Heel Fin
Saber Open Heel Fin
Saber Open Heel Fin
Strap: Silicone Stretch

Design Insights

Equipped with advanced drag-reducing vents, these lightweight and flexible open heel fins will transform your underwater adventure. The pre-arched blade shape ensures that you'll enjoy maximum thrust with minimal effort. With adjustable quick-release buckles, taking off your fins after a dive is now a breeze. And, for those who value convenience, the Saber Fins are compatible with Tilos' FN063 Silicone Stretch straps, providing hassle-free on and off in no time. Dive into the deep blue with confidence and ease with the Saber Fins!


  • Advanced drag-reducing vents
  • Lightweight and flexible open heel fins
  • Pre-arched blade shape for maximum thrust with minimal effort
  • Adjustable quick-release buckles for easy on and off
  • Compatible with Tilos' FN063 Silicone Stretch straps for hassle-free use

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