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Snorkel Purge Diaphragm

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Type: Snorkel

Design Insights

Designed as a replacement purge for all Tilos Semi-Dry and Dry snorkels, it fits both Adult and Junior sizes, ensuring a snug and effective seal during your diving or snorkeling adventures. 

Maintain your Tilos snorkel's performance and extend its lifespan with this high-quality replacement purge diaphragm. Easy to install and built to last, it's an essential addition to any diver's repair kit.

Don't let a worn-out purge valve ruin your underwater adventures!


  • Universal Fit: Compatible with all Tilos Semi-Dry and Dry snorkels
  • Versatile Sizing: Works for both Adult and Junior snorkel models
  • Superior Seal: Ensures a snug and effective barrier against water entry
  • Easy Installation: Simple to replace, getting you back in the water quickly
  • Durable Material: Silicone built to withstand the rigors of frequent diving and snorkeling

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