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Standard Snorkel Keeper

Regular price $10.95
Regular price Sale price $10.95
Type: Detachable
Shape: Round
Color: Black
Standard Snorkel Keeper
Standard Snorkel Keeper
Standard Snorkel Keeper

Design Insights

Plastic snorkel keeper for all snorkels. Comes in round or oval. Standard or detachable.

The Tilos Quick Release Snorkel Keepers are thoughtfully designed to attach your snorkel securely to the mask strap. Boasting a quick-release system, this keeper ensures swift and effortless connections or disconnections, allowing you to adapt on the go with convenience. Constructed from robust plastic, it promises durability and flexibility under water pressures. Whether it’s for a spontaneous adventure or regular use, this replaceable keeper stands up to the challenge. Additionally, it's versatile and compatible with any snorkel that has a round tube, making it a universal accessory for your underwater explorations.


  • Secure Attachment: Expertly crafted to fasten your snorkel firmly to your mask strap for a stable and secure fit.
  • Effortless Quick-Release: Features a quick-release system for hassle-free snorkel connection and disconnection.
  • Durable Material: Constructed from tough plastic to withstand water pressure and ensure longevity.
  • Replaceable Convenience: Easily replaceable for continual reliability, ideal for regular divers and sporadic adventures.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with any snorkel that has a round tube, making it an essential, adaptable accessory for snorkelers.

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